Background to the Technology and the Battery Fueling Patents

Battery Fueling Station

For more than a century, the different developments for fossil fuel powered vehicles have been supported by parallel developments for fossil fuel replenishment needs.

Drivers of fossil fuel vehicles can readily obtain the exact amount of metered fossil fuel that they need from the globally established, understood, and accepted aparatus known as the roadside service station bowser.

In stark contrast, the driver of a battery powered Electric Vehicle does not have access to anything like the same roadside service station facilities currently availible to drivers of fossil fuel powered vehicles.

The driver of a typical modern Electric Vehicle has no means to replenish the exact amount of motive power energy requirements that suit his pocket and time needs at that precise moment, for enabling him to complete the next stage of his journey with any confidence.

The driver of an Electric Vehicle with a depleted or part depleted battery chamber has to either change the entire battery block with a complete replacement battery block, as exampled by the Chaney US patent 6,631,775, or wait for several hours and sometimes more than one day to recharge his on-board battery chamber, usually via a domestic electric power outlet, in order to continue the next stage of his journey.

This contrast in energy replenishment systems for fossil fuel vehicles and Electric Vehicles may be the primary factor as to why the significant developments in battery improvements technologies, including for Electric Vehicles, has not manifested itself in an upsurge of new Electric Vehicle sales.

Battery Fueling brings all the benefits of the roadside service station 'fast refuel' facilities to the new Electric Vehicle driver/owner.

What is Battery Fueling?

Battery Fueling is a patent pending system of interacting inventions for an entirely new system that brings metered replenishment of battery motive power to Electric Vehicles; in much the same way that is globally known for metered replenishment of fossil fuel.

Just like you use a bowser for fossil fuel, you can now ‘fill up’ with freshly charged batteries.

And you can do this in the same manner, and within the same time period, and maybe in the same service station that you currently fill up with fossil fuel.

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