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NRG Expert the leading independent provider of energy market research has published two insightful Analyst Briefings on the global EV industry and Battery Fueling Limited. These two Analyst Briefings prepared by NRG Expert’s lead analysts specialized in the global EV market, help the reader to understand the landscape of the global EV market and assist in fully comprehending the scope and remit of the Battery Fueling offering and competitive advantage.

>> NRG Expert Analyst Briefing on Battery Fueling Limited
>> NRG Expert EV Industry Analyst Briefing

Electric Vehicle and Battery Fueling Press Releases


Electric Vehicle market wide open as $812 Million Dollars of Invested Funds Lost

11 June 2013 The electric vehicle market is now wide open as Better Place, have declared bankruptcy after failing to pull off their ambitious ‘electric battery swapping station’ concept. Learning from Better Place’s mistakes, Battery Fueling are entering the electric vehicle battery market with their ‘US patent-pending Battery Fueling’ concept. […]Continue reading about the EV Market

Exciting discovery for electric car batteries

(PRWEB UK) 8 June 2013 After years of research, a ground breaking discovery has been made into recharging car batteries in electric cars. A new patent-pending technology, has been developed by Battery Fueling Ltd, and reduces the time at the pump for electric vehicles to an astonishing four minutes […]Continue Reading about EV Battery Fueling Technology