What else is being patented by Battery Fueling Limited?

To consolidate further, we have other inventions which exist in their own right and also enhance the commercial value of the others.

Battery Fueling Teeth

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Two novel methods of controlling/removing the random positioning of a cylindrical battery in a battery holder. The value to that removal of random positioning is that data identifiers such as barcodes, and pin and chip are guaranteed to be in the correct position for interrogation sensors for sequential feeding of data to the system all the time.

Battery Fueling Charger

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A plug-in or an add-on to a Battery Fueling system for replicating a Battery Fueling system in a time slower domestic or commercial situation where a fast time forecourt situation is not available.

Customer Billing

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The Battery Fueling billing software IP improves metered fossil fuel billing in these regards:

  1. The bowser software will take account of local GPS specifically relating to the terrain that the Electric Vehicle will travel along after re-fueling by the bowser.
  2. Joined up GPS and re-refuelling for journey and distance calculations.

Safety Extinguisher

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Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries currently provide the most efficient power output to weight ratio of any other cell or battery type. These impressive power outputs compared to their size come with a safety cost. Oxygen buildup in an overused or over charged Lithium Ion cell can cause pressure explosions that pose serious safety issues, especially where thousands of such small cells are packed tight with each other. The invention provides a small volume fire proof coolant and optional fire expellant that is to all intents and purposes identical to the type of individual cell module being used within the invention. The novel uses of such a device within the core invention provides immediate and practical means for a coolant and/or expellant to be automatedily delivered by software and hardware interrogation means directly to the problem area.

Flexible Spin Conveyor

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A novel flexible spin is the Battery Fueling type conveyor that can deliver cell modules from a bowser to a vehicle in a similar manner that a conventional flexible pipe is known to deliver fossil fuel from a conventional bowser to a conventional vehicle.

Through-Flow Battery Chamber

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An innovative through-flow cell chamber provides means for re-chargeable electric cells or batteries to be delivered en-mass to the internal parts of a vehicle by means which are inaccessible to human reach. This provides many improvements over prior art cell chambers, not least where no access is provided that does not include human intervention. Example, if one battery in a prior art cell chamber is deemed faulty by that vehicle's system then the entire battery has to be replaced or removed from the vehicle for servicing that one battery which is unnecessary and expensive. This invention circumvents that need.

Hollow Vehicle Frames

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A new separate feature is a series of hollow structures built within the structural frame within a vehicle for providing conveyor means within those hollow frames for the sequential conveyance of small volume cells or batteries within those hollow frames from any choosible first position to any choosible sequential positions.