Battery Fueling allows the driver to refuel his Electric Vehicle using a clean and cost effective method while retaining the traditional experience of refueling a vehicle already familiar to a consumer. This new and innovative EV refueling method is better, cheaper, familiar and safer for the consumer and allows the provider to offer a service not available before now.

Battery Refuelling

How Battery Fueling Works

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  • This new and innovative refueling system allows the car owner to drive into a traditional fossil fuel forecourt, fuel his car using the same bowser method a fossil fuel uses, thus experiencing a system they are familiar with.
  • The inventions provide light hand-held means that mimics fossil fuel bowser replenishment for dispensing exactly the desired amount of fuel that the driver needs at that time (just as he would for fossil fuel). The great disadvantage of replacing a depleted battery block is that all the remaining energy within that battery block (which the driver has paid for) is potentially lost.
  • The Battery Fueling system will isolate batteries if they are faulty; a whole battery would not be destroyed putting the Electric Vehicle out of service.
  • The Battery Fueling method is safe, cost effective, practical and above all familiar because it replicates the refueling experience of a conventional car.

Gasoline Alternative

Why Battery Fueling Works

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  • The system preserves the traditional elements of refuelling a car, whilst maintaining a globally established, understood, and accepted method of refueling a car by bowser means.
  • The ownership of batteries can be transferred away from the owner of a vehicle to an energy provider. This massively reduces the original purchase price of a vehicle by as much as 50% and places an intelligent energy system with powerful support facilities akin to fossil fuel energy providers.
  • When a conventional Electric Vehicle battery block is depleted or part depleted and the driver needs to commit to a journey that exceeds the energy left in the battery block, there is no choice but to re-charge over an unacceptable period or submit to that heavy battery block being entirely replaced by heavy-duty equipment.
  • Control of the refuelling business remains in the hands of the forecourt companies.

Safe Fuel

Why Battery Fueling is Safe

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  • The system can identify, isolate, and remove faulty batteries before they become a hazard or a safety issue.

Clean Fuel

Battery Fueling is a Clean Technology

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  • There are few or no delivery costs of bringing fuel to forecourt re-fuelling facilities.
  • Experience gained know-how will determine the general lifespan of a battery for continuous amortisation of the system. For example, there is no cost to the driver of recycling the batteries because the driver never actually owns the batteries.
  • Refuelling of a battery powered Electric Vehicle does not require the drilling, refining, and delivery of oil and fossil fuel across entire continents to service the vehicle.